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Dear 2009

Dear 2009,

I'm not even sure why I'm writing you, as if you're some sort of person or entity.  I suppose in some ways, you could be alive, since I can't figure out for the life of me how a single month of yours could contain happiness, awe, worry, depression, anxiety, curiosity, fear, pride, suffering, love, and some other emotions I forgot.  Sigmund Freud would have had a field day.

I'm not exactly feeling too good right now, so I may as well blame you.  Perhaps I'm being too unfair, but then, why not?  You're just a year.  If I can't take it out on people, I may as well take it out on you.  It's not like you'll feel depressed (read: it's not like you'll have a bunch of neurotransmitters firing into some receptors that tell your brain to make the host feel like shit.)  That's what separates us, a soul (read:  a brain that is controlled by a bunch of chemicals.)

Is this pessimism I read in my words?  Hmm, must have been a rogue 5-hydroxytryptamine.  If you're wondering about my Biology prowess, it's just Wikipedia.  It turns any freak into a doctor, don't you know?

Look at me rambling!  It seems like I'll have to keep my chemicals in check.  Bad Serotonin! 

I really just wanted to tell you one thing.  Here's a hint, it start with a big fat F!

2009:  What is it?

Me:  GA-!  wtf!?

2009:  Sorry if I scared you.  But, what is it?

Me:  Uh, what is what?

2009:  I can see you're writing me a letter.  You don't seem very happy.

Me:  ... I'm not.  You know, privacy is a good thing to respect?

2009:  You're writing ME a letter that I can't read?

Me:  Am I supposed to make sense when I'm depressed? 

2009:  Listen, you really think these things don't happen for a reason?  You never know what's at the other end.

Me:  I guess.  I just wish this reason shows up already.  Ah well, good things come to those who wait, yeah?

2009:  Better things come to those who take action.

Me:  mehh.. are you going to talk to me about spinning some gear crap to make things happen?

2009:  Did it once already.  I think you know what you're supposed to do.

Me:  I don't, I really don't.  Help me out here.

2009:  You'll find out.  Bye.

Me:  Wait! ..wait..sigh


I really just wanted to tell you one thing:

F... ...



Summary of My Trip to Malaysia (In Pictures)

Ok, here we go!

day 1:  Investigation and Price Check



I'm in control of everything.
I'm a smart buyer.
Prices cannot be higher than


day 3:  Calculated Purchasing





Hm, the beginnings of a PC
I cannot waver and lose control
I'm only buying what I need.


Day 4:  The Borders of Insanity





Control ... is slipping...
Why hold back...


day 6:  Obsessive Geek Disorder





Give me one of this!
And one of that!
What do you mean it's expensive?!  I'm the one paying here int shako!



final day:  The Departure


Oh [bleep] ...


Enter 2009

[Inside a dark cavern, echoes of eerie voices]

2008:  Hey hey, look, I have a joke

Me:  2008, I'm really sick of you and your jokes.

2008:  Listen, listen!  What's the difference between 2007 and 2008?

2007:  Huh?

Me:  I don't know, what's the difference between 2007 and 2008?

2008:  A YEAR!  AHAHAHA lololoilolo

Me:  I hate you so much...

2007:  That was actually funny lol.

Me:  peas in a pod, so it follows that I hate you too.

2009:  Listen, you can't really blame 2008 for anything.

Me:  And why not?  He brought little good.  I mean, look at him.

2008:  Hey hey, what's the difference between 2007 and 2009?!

Me:  Let me guess, two years?

2008:  Nothing, they're both ODD!  AHHAHAHAHAAH lololol

2007: AHAHAHAHAHA *slaps 2008 in the back*

Me:  Someone shut them the [bleep] up or I will enter the Guinness Book of World Records for being first person to murder a year.

2009:  You can't murder a year Bojacob.


Me:  Oh great, I'm glad you joined the circus too with these other clowns.

2009:  Listen, let's walk.

Me:  *sigh* fine.

2008:  Hey, where are you guys going?  Don't leave me here!

Me:  What?  Aren't you done causing pain?

2008:  I'm not done yet!  I still have time!  Don't go!  I'll stop joking!

2007:  Come on 2008, let's go.

2009:  You can't murder a year Bojacob, you either put it behind you, or shackle it to your leg and have it slow you down.

Me:  It's not really easy to forget things, 2009.

2009:  What's stopping you from letting go?  Look forward, not backwards.  Things happen, and the best time to forget about it is now.

2008:  What are you talking about?!  Look man, I'm sorry about whatever happened but-

Me:  You're history 2008.  Good bye.

2008:  Wait!  Hah, you really think you can just forget me at will?  You can't forget me! 

[covers ears and walks away]

2008:  The pain is your fault!  They were YOUR choices!  YOURS!  You only have YOURSELF to blame!  YOU HEAR ME?!

Me:  Shut up, just shut up!

2008:  YOU did this to yourself!  YOU!  *loud laughter*

[Maniacal laughter fades away as I and 2009 run far off into the distance]

[stopping and breathing hard]

Me:  Damn it...

2009:  Not very easy, is it.

Me:  No.  It's not.  Time will fix this, though, yeah?

2009:  That's the spirit.

[walking quietly in a vast empty space with a clear blue sky]

Me:  A clear mind, free of worry and pain.

2009:  And why not?  Whatever happened is in the past.

Me:  Yeah...

[walking in silence]

Me:  Hey 2009?

2009:  Hmm?

Me:  Will there be anything life-changing this year?

2009:  What do you mean?

Me:  Well, I mean, you know... road forks ..stuff, come on, you know what I mean.

2009:  Do you want your life to change?

Me:  Kind of, I guess.

2009:  Nothing will happen unless you set the wheels in motion.  Simply start it up, and a string of events will follow.

Me:  Wise and deep, yet very unhelpful.

2009:  You just defined the word "wisdom."

Me:  I mean, people turned the wrong wheels once and it resulted in quite some angst.

2009:  It's pretty complex, but you simply have to turn the correct wheels.  The ones that actually make some logical sense.  Don't let emotions do that for you.

Me:  Give me a clear yes/no answer. 

2009:  It's for you to decide, Bojacob, not me.

Me:  Figures...

2009:  I'm sorry.

[Walking quietly again]

2009:  Do you hate me yet?

Me:  Just a little, but we've only just started yeah?

2009:  Do you want to hear a joke?

Me:  Oh God...

2009:  Really, you might like it.

Me:  Fine, hit me.

2009:  How did 2004 jump the fence?

Me:  You're kidding me...

2009:  Indulge me.

Me:  Fine, how did 2004 jump the fence?

2009:  It was a leap year.

Me:  .....

2009:  And why did 2004 jump the fence?

Me:  ....?

2009:  Afraid the leap years might take a-fence!

Me: ..ahem

2009:  You smiled :)

Me:  I did not!

2009:  You're still smiling.

Me:  I'm not!  Your vision is curved or something.

2009:  Years have no eye-

Me:  2009, I'll kill you.

2009:  Ok, ok.  :)

[long silence]

Me:  Ok, so I smiled

2009:  I know.

Me:  Well, don't make a big deal out of it.

2009:  Starting the year with a smile.  That counts for something, Bojacob.

Me:  You know, I think this will be a good year :)

2009:  Only if you make it so.

Me:  I will.  I promise that I will.

2009:  Then let us begin!  Where do we start?

Me:  We find your so called "wheel of fate."  Hmm...

[Eyes his bass guitar]

2009:  Uh, I wouldn't exactly call that a "wheel of fate"

Me:  It's a wheel of stfu.  Now, let's hit it!


Goodbye 2008.

Hello 2009!

We make our own frikkin fate here!  No reason for the past to mess with OUR minds!

Happy new year everyone :)  Chins up, and make this one your best!


Mass Suicide of Zunes?


Um, whoa.

Apparently, the 30gb Zunes turned into bricks at midnight last night.  How in the blue hell could something like that happen?

My god, I feel so sorry for Microsoft right now.  I cannot even visualize the code that could allow this to happen.

if (currentDate > macWorldDate-6 ) {




That still can't be right...

eesh, my sympathies I guess.



Getting close to 30 kinda sucks

To my great misfortune, my age counter went up by one today.  As soon as the clock hit 12am, I automatically felt like I needed a hip replacement and a bedpan.  Twenty-freakin-eight.  Just... yay.

To those of you who actually remembered, thank you.  It means a lot :) 

To those of you who had Facebook remind you, well, thank you too :)  Still means a lot! 

To those of you who friggin timed the greeting card to be sent today (from like last year), thanks as well :)

To those of you who forgot entirely, thanks!  Last thing I need is a reminder right now.

To mom, thanks for the donut!

Of course, I got the celebratory influenza.  It was so thoughtful as to bless me with its sickness on this very day (from like a whole year of flu-freeness.)  Thus I spent the day in bed watching Ga Rei Zero (which was pretty good, gotta admit.)

As for the birthday gifts I've received?  Well, I got only one, from a friend that understands me quite well.



You, my friend, are a magnificent bastard.  :)  Time to get drunk!

Now what other celebration is on the list?  I kinda lost track...