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The Epidemic Spreads...

After a long night of sneezing, sniffling and general tissue abuse, I believe I'm finally beating the cold. Head feels a little better and the runny nose is down to a trickle nose.

Is that the end of the story? Heck no! The flu virus decides to infect my mother, who in turn will infect my father, who might be too stubborn to miss out on any dowania, therefore infecting half the dowania, and then that half carry it to their homes... good lord what have I started!

Ah well, I just hope this damn bug dies out soon. I will personally send a gift of flowers and two packs of tissues to whoever invents the cure.

For now, it's time to take care of mom as she took care of me.


Let the blogging begin!

It seems I have completed my intricate blog customizations. I mean, you can't even tell what the old template looked like right!? right..?

Ah well, for my first real blog entry, I will begin with my flu. A tiny virus that's a gazillion times smaller than me, yet it has the ability to mess me up quite badly. I'm stumped on how I got the flu twice in two months, I thought you get an immunity after the first one for a while!? At least, that's the way it was during my studies in the US.

I miss NyQuil, that stuff really knocks you out when you go to bed. You wake up in some kind of dream land with a shimmering magical door in sight. Of course, when this happens, you probably drank too much NyQuil...

I'll recover soon, and I'd love to be part of this blogger community. I'm hoping to keep this thing going and post whatever comes to mind from music to boxing to art to .. to all kinds of stuff man!


Dukie the Taru Taru!

Dukie the Taru Taru!
Originally uploaded by Bojacob.
At this point in time, I am testing out Flickr. Fortunately for everyone, I've decided not to post any faceshots of me. The world is safe... for now.

For now, ladies and gentlemen, here's Dukie!


Hello World!

Apparently I have created this blog like half a year ago, but I didn't post until today.

I'm giving blogs a second shot. MSN blogs weren't that good unfortunately, and this time around I'm going to stick myself on! That should inspire me enough.

I'm also creating this post because I'm fixing up the template. So far, I don't think anything has changed!

I'll be back in a little bit

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