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Moving to Squarespace

I'm in the process of moving my blog over to Squarespace.  I'll be honest, this service is pretty damn incredible and I'm also quite sick of Dreamhost's crappy slow 200TB storage service that never gets used anyway.

Process has been quite annoying with the whole domain transfer and stuffs, but I think everything is sorted.  If the page looks white to you, then you need to shift+reload the page to get the correct CSS files.

I leave you with a picture of my little nephew that has been getting increasingly annoying as of late.  (Photoshopped by his dad.)





I Leave For Sharm al Shaikh

Yes, I do understand the severe gravity of my non-blogging situation, but I just decided to share this piece of news for various reasons that I am unaware of.

99.584% of my trips were with my family (namely my beloved mother.)  It's a welcome breath of fresh air to travel with similar-aged friends that don't feel the need to visit every clothing shop in the continent.  Will this shape up to be the trip of the century?  Will my trip-mates corrupt my geeky-innocent mind and guide me to the dark side of fun-making?  Is it me that's going to corrupt the guys?  Will we all be corrupted by the very nature of the place?  Only time will tell!

I have packed plenty of underwear.  I don't know why, but I have the strange feeling that I'm going to need them.  Maybe wear two at a time, or perhaps throw them out a window for the waiting audience below?  I don't know.

What I do know is that I need sleep, like right now.  The plane flies at 12am midnight, but damn I'm too excited to nap!  Therefore, I will pack more underwear.

Well, that's as much silliness as I can muster :)  I'm hoping to be off the net when I'm there, so you must forgive my insolence if I don't reply to comments.  I'll be too busy trying to have fun (or sharing my underwear.)

Farewell my friends.  May the n3al stay out of everyone's underwear.  Especially mine.


World of Twitter

I shall coin the acronym "WoT."  I know no one will use it, but at least I can tell my grandchildren that one day, in my young, fertile years, I coined a term.

I'm not sure what I'm getting myself into.  From all those podcasts I'm listening to, they all seem to swear by Twitter, calling it one incredibly addictive piece of software.  Some even went as far as calling it a killer app.  How can this be?  That's just nuts.

I've said the same thing about blogging.  I just got into blogging because it's the whole new fad and it has a chance of making me popular with the other gender.  While the latter statement has failed more miserably than my book of pickup lines, I still stuck with blogging for almost three years now, and I'm addicted!

Enter Twitter.  I just want to see what the fuss is about.  My twitter username thingie is Bojacob if you want to follow my random tweeting.  I'll also have a spot on my sidebar for all the update thingamajigs.

One thing I'm worrying about is ForzaQ8.  I can just see this coming:  "WHY were you sitting at home watching anime?!  Come to the dowania!"

Alla yaster


We Can't Be Gods

And this is why:  My Spore creations.










And n3al:





Disturbing indeed...


The Inevitable Purchase of the 3G iPhone

It seems I'm having a difficult time typing as my keyboard is now quite slippery.  My drool flooded the table while I was following the live WWDC audio feed with Leo Laporte.  A $199 iPhone with 3G and GPS? On the moment that was announced, I screamed in joy and stood up with my arms in the air, sparks flying behind me in a triumphant pose.

Come 11th of July, I will buy the new iPhone so fast that the iPhone will friggin arrive before I can say pulchritudinous!  Of course, that's if Apple don't turn into asses about the whole "buying from Apple store" thing.  Hell, I'll go to the US!  Oh wait, I got some friends there!  Falantan!  You're up!  Please look for the safety of the iPhone.  Sure, you're a dear friend :) and I'll be VERY happy when you're back (with the iPhone.)  If there's no iPhone in the equation, then I'll see you at work.

*COUGHFALANTANIPHONECOUGH* Well I'd say that wraps up my pointless post!  It's just that I had to vent my excitement somewhere, and also voice my *COUGHFALANTANIPHONECOUGH* .. *cough*.  Wow, must be the dusty weather.

And of course, if there's anything you'd like to say to me, please e-mail me at  If that doesn't work, then please e-mail me at

If you'd like to call, I'm at 1-800-FALANIPHONE.  Actually, just call my secretary.  I believe her name was Ifalanphonetan.

Oh .. oh lord there's a sneeze coming.. a big one..   *SNEEEFALANTANBUYMEANIPHONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZEEEEEEEEEE*

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